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Buy & Sell Recycled Industrial Plastics

Welcome to Stockbridge Plastics, an industrial plastic recycling company. We specialize in selling, buying, and the distribution of industrial plastics throughout the eastern half of the United States. With warehouses located in Cincinnati, OH; Norcross, GA; Worcester, MA; and Woonsocket, RI, we are able to service a great portion of New England, the South East, and the Upper Midwest.

As a plastic recycling company, we sell and buy plastics to provide green solutions to the industry and all of our customers. We achieve this through the acquisition and selling of prime virgin material and regrind material. All of our materials and plastics for sale are contamination free.

What we do?

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    Plastics Recycling

    • Specializing in industrial plastic recycling since 2001
    • Providing green solutions to the surplus & scrap material industry
    • We buy regrind, sprues, runners, imperfect parts
    • We sell regrind, virgin pellet, repro

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    Wholesale Warehouse Solutions

    • We buy plastics and other materials in bulk to fit business needs of all sizes
    • Easily tailored inventory to accommodate your requirements
    • Solutions to help save money, energy, and time

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    Custom Programs

    • Reduce waste and easily remove your excess material
    • Fair pricing
    • Supply you with pellet or regrind for the right blend

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    Best Business Practice

    • Timely bill pay
    • Quality, Honesty & Integrity
    • Accountability

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Contact Us about buying your surplus plastic material. And let us know if we can help you find engineering or commodity grade material for your injection molding or extrusion program.